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Grain Insect Probe Monitoring Trap

Grain Insect Probe Monitoring Trap

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Easy to handle and use, the grain insect monitoring trap is designed to detect the presence of insect pests in stored grain.

It can be difficult to detect insects in grain when they are in low numbers. Using insect probe traps (along with monthly grain sieving) is best for a thorough insect pest check. Storage pests are commonly found in grain at the top of a silo or grain shed.

Insert one or more insect probe traps (about 45 centimetres long) into the grain surface. The grain peak at the top of the silo or the grain ridge peak in the grain shed are ideal locations for trapping pests. Traps remain in the grain, trapping insects as they move through grain.

The trap should be inspected each month when grain sieving. Cords and markers should be attached to the traps so they are not lost or forgotten.

Download insect trap instructions here
The next steps are to identify the insects, using the GRDC back pocket guide, and record what is found for each silo checked.

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