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Mooney Shock Disc Savers

Mooney Shock Disc Savers

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These Disc Savers were developed by some Aussie Mooney aircraft owners wishing to extend the life of the Rubber Shock Discs. They are being sold on behalf of Australian Mooney Pilots Association (AMPA). This device allows the weight to be taken off the suspension while the aircraft is hangered. Most aircraft spend more than 95% of their time with the weight unnecessarily compressing the rubber Shock Discs. The Mooney Disc Saver allows the discs to expand up to the extent of the pre-load (6% for main wheels, 3% for nose wheel).

Please note, hydraulic jack is NOT included.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER. AMPA and Kotzur Pty Ltd do not give any undertaken with respect to these Disc Savers. The individual aircraft owner/pilot should make their own inquires as to the suitability and legality of using this device.


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